Mon, Mar 23 WOD

Lets Gooo!!!!!

We’ll keep everyone updated on everything we are doing, adding, and trying as the gym is down. Biggest thing is to keep our training going! With what everyone will be doing if anyone has any questions, comments, or suggestions please let us know! You can email or

If there are questions on what to change, what to do, or anything that pertains to the Workout Of The Day. TEXT Sam @ 210-385-9967. Make sure you give some lead time before you do your workout so I can get back to you before you start your workout.

A Very Huge Thank You To All Our Members That Came This Weekend So We Could Give Out Equipment! The biggest thing we wanted to achieve when the gym was down is to maintain as much of a norm when it comes to the different types of Stimulus’ you all get when you come to the gym. I think we have definitely achieved that with the equipment we were able to get out to you all and maintaining a return based fitness regimen will continue!  


Complete For Distance & Total Time

5 Min Run (Run for 2:30 away from your house. When 2:30 hits run back)


3-6-9-12-15-18-21 Reps

Sumo Dead Lift High Pull (95/65)

Push Press (95/65)


5 Min Run (Run for 2:30 away from your house. When 2:30 hits run back)

NORCO NOTES: The weight for this workout should be on the lighter side. If you were to do one set of both movements fresh you should be able to do all 21 SDHP and all 21 Push Press.

NORCO WOD APPROACH: For the run starting off you should try to keep at a moderately high pace. Think about 75%-80%. Once you come back in set your mind to quickly work through the 3, 6, 9 and maybe 12 sets all Unbroken. Your rest should come from dropping the bar, taking one breath, and getting back to the next movement or set. For your maybe 12, 15, 18, and 21 reps plan to break up your sets if need be with the 12 (maybe), 15, 18, and 21 reps. A break should be used for a faster transition getting back to work vs. breaking because you have to stop dead because you hit to high of a threshold reaching for too many reps. Then, EMPTY THE TANK ON THE LAST RUN.


A) 1 Round

10 Steps Heel To Butt

10 Steps Knee To Chest

10 Back Step w/ Grabbing Front Foot

10 Arm Circles (Forward, Backward, Side to Side)

10 Leg Swings (Front, Back, Side to Side)

B) 2 Rounds

10 Steps Monster Walk (Forward, Backward, Side to side)

10 Inchworm Push Ups

10 Hip Circle Squats

C) 1 Round

10 Sumo Dead Lift (Bar)

10 Standing Up Right Row (Bar & Hands at SDHP Width)

10 Strict Press (Bar)

D) 3 Rounds (Work To Find Weight)


3 Push Press

30 Sec Jog or 15 Seconds Hop Left and Right then 15 Seconds Hop Front and Back

(Row, Bike, or Jump Rope If unable to run)



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