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Meet Rexann Frank
I started at NorCo in the fall of 2010; before it was even NorCo.
I had always had gym memberships at various places and did mostly cardio with some free weights thrown in for entertainment. All through high school and undergraduate school I ran. My goal was to run a marathon. But, as we all know, that amount of running is rarely good for anyone. Because of my life with horses and my proclivity for riding what no one else wanted to ride I had multiple fractures and soft tissue injuries before I graduated from college, but I continued to run. My ankles and knees finally blew up and I couldn’t run at all. Happily for me I still had my horses and figured that as long as I had them I knew I had 4 good legs under me. Glenn started doing CrossFit a couple of years before I did; and when I had two big and boarder-line dangerous horses in training I asked him to program some weight work for me. We had a nice gym in the garage and it seemed logical that he could help me get stronger and make me a more effective rider. His answer was to march into my cubicle, at work, and put Sams card on my desk.
For the first couple of years I made it to the gym Monday through Friday and on some Saturdays. Then my accident prone self took over. One doctor told me that had it not been for the work I had been doing at NorCo, one of my horse accidents would certainly have resulted in a broken neck.
After weeks away from the gym I didn’t want to go back. I could only remember the pain; the pain that moves from place to place when you’re a crossfitter; so you cannot keep track of it. But back I went. Sam, Lauren, Russ, Brandon and all of my amazing crossfitting friends…..they all helped me rehab injury after injury. If not for NorCo and the coaches and the many friends I have made there; my physical self would be in far worse condition now. I know that, with my lifestyle, I need NorCo to keep me fit and strong. I will always live with a barn full of big horses. I will always need to do the work that goes with keeping a barn full of bighorses. The physical work on the farm and the riding and training will always cause injuries and muscle imbalance that only CrossFit will help to mitigate. If I am to continue to ride and train and manage the horses, well, I need to continue to CrossFit. At NorCo.
NorCo is not just a place for me to go work out so that I can continue to live a very physical and demanding lifestyle. The coaches are more than coaches and the athletes are not just people with whom I work out. NorCo is a group of generous, hardworking, talented friends.
– Rex


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