Braden ForsythTrainer


    ‘Coach’ Braden aka ‘B-Rad’ aka ‘B’ aka ‘B-Dizzle’ aka ‘Bray-Do’…just don’t call me Brandon. I started using functional movement as a form of general preparedness fitness (i.e. CrossFit) about 6 years ago as a means to prepare myself for the mountains and chasing animals with my bow. Since then, health, fitness and functionality has become a staple in my life, and I discovered an inherent love for teaching others similar ideas. I’m always the guy giving my unwarranted 2 cents to a movement correction, so finally they decided to just let me coach. I’m not here to make you a better ‘CrossFitter’ (although, it’ll probably happen) but to be a better functioning human being.

    My superpowers would include flying, frankly because I hate walking with my stubby legs. If I couldn’t fly but could be any animal, a large cat (cougar, leopard, jaguar, etc..) because they seem to be able to be lazy all day until it’s time to get to work (i.e. hunt).

    Favorite lift: The Snatch of course.

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