Kara McIverCoach/Nutrition Coach

I started CrossFit in Washington, DC, in 2013 after seeking out a community to motivate me to get back in shape. After a lifetime of endurance sports (swimming and triathlon), I was lonely, weak and training alone in a local globo gym. Like everyone else who falls in love with CrossFit, I was immediately hooked by the atmosphere of loud rock music and women doing heavy squats. I had found “my people”.

In 2016, I moved to Colorado to pursue a M.S. degree in Dietetics and a run at competitive fitness. I received my L1 CrossFit certification in the same year and have lead nutrition challenges and seminars, endurance programming and am pursuing training in coaching Olympic weightlifting.

My long-term focus is to counsel adults of all ages and ability levels to use nutrition and lifestyle to combat chronic disease.


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