Thurs, Mar 26 WOD

Workout Of The Day:

50-40-30-20-10 Reps

KB Snatch (53/35)

In Between Each Set

12 Back Squat (135/95)

NorCo Notes

For the KB Snatches if you are still learning a clean catch (where the KB Doesn’t slap your arm as you are locking out over head) I would miss a little bit lighter with the amount of reps that we are going to be doing today. Also, all of these reps are going to be at the waist. Any first rep can be from the ground. 

For the Back Squat is should be at a weight where you will be getting all 12 reps but will need to make sure you are tight with each and every rep so don’t miss light on these. 

Warm Up 

A) 1 Round

20 Steps Monster Walks (Forward, Backward, Side to Side)

15 Arm Circles (Forward, Backward, Across Chest)

20 Hip Circle Squats

14 Scorpions (Front and Back)

25 Sit Up (Legs Straight Out Reach For Toes)

B) 2 Rounds

10 Strict Press Alternating From Front To Back

15 KB Swing

10 Back Squat (Bar Weight Only)

C) 3 Rounds

5 Back Squat (Find Weight For Back Squat)

6 Total KB Snatch

Post WOD Work 

3×5 Push Up @ 5x0x5


3×5 Push Up @ 5x0x5

*** The 5×5 Push Up @ 5x0x5 is: 5 Sets Of 5 Reps Push Ups. Each Rep Is Tempo’d. Meaning For Your First Set Of 5 Reps Each Rep Is 5 Seconds Down, touch chest, and 5 Seconds Back Up. Going For Time Under Tension Here So Make Sure You Are Timing Your Down And Up Push Ups ***



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