Veronica’s Story

Veronica Rodriguez
My CrossFit journey started with a “mid-life crisis” and a promise…I was on vacation with my family to celebrate a milestone birthday for me and my husband. While this should have been a happy time, I was in a funk, feeling sorry for myself because things were not going as planned in my career, physically overweight and not regularly exercising, had no work/life balance, and the cherry on top—I had just turned 40. I had a hard look in the mirror on this vacation and decided to address the things that I could directly influence and be at peace with those things I couldn’t. In thinking about how to improve my health, I remembered a promise made to my “Crazy Crossfit Friend” that I would give crossfit a try. (This was after he spent a 4 hour weather delay in Chicago talking about how great crossfit is and how I would love it. He would say it was only 2 hours.) I was still on vacation when I first contacted Sam for information about NorCo. Once home, I survived a Thursday trial WOD of lunges and running and I knew right away that there would be no trial Zumba class or gym visit because this was for me. I decided to start my on-ramp the next week and have never looked back.
That was 1½ years ago and it’s difficult for me to list everything that I have gained as a result of crossfitting at NorCo. It has and continues to be a journey for me with lessons that always find a way of making sense in life. I am always striving to be better and get better. I am getting healthier and stronger. I understand better how to fuel my body, however I am still a work in process putting this into practice consistently. I am always working on my inner self-doubt and being kind to myself for what I am able to accomplish. I am skeptical but know I can trust Lauren when she tells me that I am stronger than I think. And I am always surprised at what I can do when I get out of my own way and out of my head. This has been a great year of firsts and PR’s and what is even better is that I know that there are many more to come. Huge thanks to the NorCo coaches for all of the help and support!!
My Crazy CrossFit friend convinced me that competing in the CrossFit Open this year was a good idea. It was more intimidating than attending that first Thursday class but he was right about this too. I am so glad to have had the experience, to meet so many more NorCo folks and see them throw down. I spent my first year at NorCo in the 4:30 Loveland class and had the pleasure of working out and getting to know so many great people. For the last six months I have been lucky to be part of the growing afternoon crew in Fort Collins. Regardless of location it’s been so awesome to have the support of the coaches and the crossfit family at NorCo. It’s the most awesome, supportive and good group of people ever.
P.S. I am now that Crazy CrossFit Friend- sorry if we’re ever stuck at the airport due to weather!



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