Wed, May 20 WOD

4 Rounds For Time

10 Clean (135/95)

20 KB Push Press (53/35)

**** 10 Each Arm For The Push Press ****

Warm Up 

A) 3 Rounds 

10 Steps Monster Walk (Froward, Backward, Side to Side) 

10 Hip Circle Squats

B) 2 Round

10 Scorpions (Stomach and Back) 

10 Steps Worlds Greatest Stretch 

10 Inchworm Pushups 

C) 3 Rounds 

3 Clean (Finding Weight) 

6 KB Push Press (3 Right and 3 Left)

For your KB Push Press make sure to touch your bell with your other arm to make sure the KB is in its proper rack and keeping it tight to chest. 

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