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We are asking everyone who is doing the Challenge to keep a food log each week. You will start the log on Monday and finish on Sunday. You will turn in you food logs every Monday. We are not excepting logs through email. Please print it out and bring it to the gym. If you ask us a question about your blocks we will need to see your food log in order to help you out.

Zone Food List With Other Info : Courtesy Of Catalyst Fitness


Make sure when choosing your foods you are sticking with Paleo Foods. So lean meats, nuts and seeds, veggies and fruits. Try to stay away from the grains, excess sugary foods, and dairy as much as you can.

You are going to do some math to find your blocks. You will need your paper you received from the Body Fat Truck.

Your are going to need your Lean Body Mass number (LBM).

Here’s the equation: (LBM x Activity Level) / 7 = Zone Blocks Per Day

For your Activity Level here are the numbers that will represent your training volume:

1 WOD per day=  .7

2 WOD per day=  .8

3 WOD per day=  .85

4 WOD per day=  1.0

**Make sure when you pick your activity level, it represents your CONSISTENT and ACTUAL training volume. A 2 WOD per day is considered a met con + strength or skill or endurance. If you pick your activity level and you are starving by the end of the day, talk with a coach, you may need to adjust your block count.


(134 x .7)/ 7= 13 blocks/day

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